The Human Rights Concerts - ¡RELEASED!

The Human Rights Concerts - ¡RELEASED!

"The Human Rights Concerts" was a series of 28 concerts held throughout the world between 1986-1998 - presented by Amnesty International to promote human rights.

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The Human Rights Concerts featured musicians such as Sting, The Police, Peter Gabriel, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Radiohead, Joan Baez, and many others. Over 1,250,000 people around the world attended these concerts in person, and millions more experienced them on television and radio.

The original films made of the four key concerts have been digitally restored and released in DVD and CD. Three of the four films have never been available in any format since their one-time-only airings on TV. 
In addition to presenting 12 hours of concert performances, the DVD box-set includes almost 5 hours of supplementary content featuring the stars amplifying their support for Amnesty and the human rights cause in interviews, documentaries and additional music performances.

You can purchase the full DVD box set or the companion 2-disc CD presenting 30 highlight songs from across the four concerts at major retailers now.