Human Rights Ambassador Challenge

Human Rights Ambassador Challenge

It’s time to announce the winners of Human Rights Ambassador Challenge! We received an impressive number of phenomenal applications from youth activists from around the country. All the participating groups have been engaged in meaningful and empowering action throughout 2011. After a truly hard selection process, we were able to single out three most outstanding student groups. First prize goes to Albany High School, Second prize goes to University of Texas at Austin and Third prize goes to Colby College.

Audrey Irvine-Broque, co-president of Albany High School Amnesty Chapter, shared with AIUSA what winning the Challenge means to their group: “This award means so much to our chapter. We’ve been inspired by the Human Rights Ambassador Challenge to constantly take action in our community over the past year. The grant money is an incredible reward, as it means that we will be able to send a lot of our members, especially the future leadership of the club, to this year’s Annual General Meeting in Denver. Celia and I both felt that last year’s AGM motivated us to redouble our efforts working for human rights, and we hope our club members are similarly moved to continue the fight for justice once we graduate. We’ve also had very limited funds in previous years, and are excited to use part of this grant to execute events on a larger scale. We are so thankful to Amnesty International for motivating us to make our chapter more active than it has ever been, and giving us the opportunity to continue expanding and improving Amnesty at Albany High for years to come.”

Congratulations, Human Rights Ambassadors! You rock!

On March 17, 2011 during AIUSA'S Destination: Change Our World Youth Summit youth activists from across the country united their voices, creativity, and talents for human rights. Together, they pledged the following:

"I pledge as a Human Rights Ambassador to fight for human rights now and to continue that fight until we have reached our destination: CHANGING THE WORLD. I will do so through the talents and abilities that I possess."

  • Grow the movement (at my school and community)
  • Taking action every month on a highlighted issue

For our 50th anniversary, AIUSA calls on you to become a Human Rights Ambassador! Help us reach our anniversary goal of signing up 100,000 new activists and planning bigger and bolder events for human rights. Participate now for your chance to win our special prizes.

The Challenge

  1. Take action
    Take as many actions on the highlighted issues in the calendar as you can. Receive a monthly email and be on our monthly webinars for more information and resources.

    April: Maternal Health is a Human Right
    May: Happy Birthday Amnesty
    June: I Apologize to Maher Arar: Accountability for Torture
    September: Immigrants Rights are Human Rights
    October: We Can Live Without the Death Penalty
    November: Regional Power
    December: Write for Rights
  2. Share your story
    Send us a summary of every action you took each month with photos/video to Include details (see criteria) and send us the names, city & state of all new members you recruit. The very best among your stories will be featured in our monthly newsletter CONNECT.
  3. Bragging rights
    Your group has the chance to win one of our three prizes. The winners will be selected by a group of staff and activists not participating in the competition.

1st prize: $2,500 group grant & 2 tickets to the 2012 AGM
2nd prize: $1,500 group grant
3rd prize: $1,000 group grant

We'll consider the following criteria to select the winners:

  • Innovative action
  • # of actions taken
  • Increase the # of new members
  • Partnerships with other organizations
  • The power of your story

Monthly Webinars & Emails
Join our webinars at the beginning of each month to find out specific information about each action from our campaigners and activists, as well as resources to help you organize.
First Thursday of every month / 7PM EST / 4PM PST
[April 7, May 5, June 2, September 1, October 6, November 3, December1]

THE GLOBAL ASK: "One More Member"

If everyone involved with Amnesty International around the world inspires just one more person to participate, we can have a huge impact in our anniversary year. Each person is critical to the collective human strength that can exert real pressure on governments, corporations, individuals or regimes, challenging injustices and bringing about real and lasting change. Be one more. Ask one more. Act once more.

Contact Info:
For questions and further information, please contact Cynthia Carrion, National Youth Program Coordinator at