End Gas Flaring in the Niger Delta

End Gas Flaring in the Niger Delta

The oil industry is abusing the human rights of hundreds of thousands of people in Nigeria's Niger Delta region. So far, the Nigerian government can't or won't hold oil companies accountable. The Demand Dignity Campaign is pressuring multinational corporations like Shell, and the government of Nigeria, to clean up the Niger Delta. As part of that work, Amnesty International USA's new Eyes on Nigeria project uses the power of satellite technology to monitor oil industry abuses in the region.

A major source of oil pollution is the practice of gas flaring -- burning off excess gas as waste. Communities affected by flaring and organizations working on oil industry pollution have raised serious concerns about the risks to human health -- about which many questions remain unanswered. The poorest communities are among the hardest hit.

The people of the Niger Delta need a real deadline for ending gas flaring -- and they need full transparency about the health risks of flaring. This summer, Amnesty International and our partners will be pushing government and corporations for accountability on this issue. Add your voice to our petition!

Amnesty International and its partners will deliver this petition to the Nigerian government, Shell, ENI, Total, Chevron and other multinational oil companies active in the Niger Delta.

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