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Everybody in the world has the right to live free from torture. Torture is never, ever justified. It is illegal, barbaric and inhumane. Torture is banned under International law, but despite this global ban, in countries all over the world - including in the U.S. - people just like you are tortured. Together we can stop it. Read more »


Demand Accountability for Torture
New report makes it clear that the US government used torture. No circumstances whatsoever can justify the use of torture. Torture is a crime. Demand accountability and bring those responsible for crimes to justice!
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Demand Accountability for Torture Updates
Mexican authorities have been dismissive if not dishonest in responding to the horrific spike of torture and ill-treatment. But the solution is also real and present.
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The use of enforced disappearance by governments to silence its critics and instill fear into targeted groups continues unabated in every region of the world, said Amnesty International as the world m...

Omani national Mahmoud al-Fazari was released without charge on 6 August.


Based on years of research and analysis of evidence - including leaked military reports and correspondence, as well as interviews with more than 400 victims, eyewitnesses and senior members of the...

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