Ladis Kristof Memorial Fellowship for Organizing and Activism

Ladis Kristof Memorial Fellowship for Organizing and Activism

"If man has been able to create the arts, the sciences and the material civilization we know in America, why should he be judged powerless to create justice, fraternity and peace?"
- Ladis Kristof

The 2013 Ladis Kristof Memorial Fellowship has been awarded to Mbaluka Michael Mutinda. Mr. Mutinda is a graduating senior at Stephen F. Austin State University where he serves as group coordinator for his campus Amnesty International group. He completed a two year term as a Student Activist Coordinator organizing grassroots movements across Texas and joined the National Youth Action Committee in the fall of 2011 as its southern representative. His experience includes SAC training, student leadership development, youth engagement, youth organizing and student activism support.

How to Apply

The 2014 Application Process is now open. Click here for the application.


Friday, January 31, 2014


January 31, 2014           Applications are due by 5:00pm PST
February 7, 2014            Finalists will be contacted to schedule a telephone interview with the Selection Committee
February 28, 2014          Ladis Kristof Fellowship winner will be notified
April 4 - 6, 2014             Fellowship award will be presented at the Annual General Meeting in Chicago
Summer 2014                Fellowship will be carried out in either Amnesty’s New York or San Francisco office

Background Information

Ladis Kristof was an East European refugee who fled to the West after World War II. He was a founding member of the Portland, Oregon Amnesty group and a Professor of Political Science at Portland State University who believed that we each have the power to transform ourselves and our society. His faith in humankind's "ability to recover from lapses" and "climb to higher level of...achievement" - maintained despite a personal history of loss, imprisonment and exile - is the same faith that underlies Amnesty International's mission to harness the power of collective action to ensure justice and freedom for all people. Ladis Kristof's personal generosity and determination inspired many: family and friends, colleagues and students, and the human rights activists of Amnesty International USA's Portland, Oregon Local Group #48.
Amnesty International USA is proud to strengthen and expand Ladis Kristof's legacy and honor his lifelong commitment to human rights by joining the Kristof family in supporting the Ladis Kristof Memorial Fellowship for Organizing and Activism, a fellowship to honor and inspire a new generation of human rights defenders.


Past Fellows Include:

2011 - Latif Hamzah (University of Michigan-Dearborn)
2012 - Stacy Suh (University of California, Berkeley)
2013 - Mbaluka Michael Mutinda (Stephen F. Austin State University)
2014 - Aquib Yacoob (Colby College)

Fellowship Description

One exceptional Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) student activist will receive the Kristof Fellowship for his or her outstanding efforts on behalf of human rights. The Fellow will be awarded an ten-week residency with an AIUSA Regional Field Organizer with whom she or he will work closely on individual cases, human rights crises, and grassroots organizing and campaigning at the regional and national level. The Fellowship will promote a deeper understanding of human rights work, strengthen the Fellow’s organizing and advocacy skills, and further prepare her or him to be an effective life-long activist. The Kristof Fellow will work out of either the New York or San Francisco office based on the best possible match between their interests and skillset and the organizing needs identified by the region.

The Fellow's residency expenses for the ten-week period, including airfare to and from the New York or San Francisco office, will be covered by a $4,500 stipend.

The Fellow will join dynamic, in-progress efforts on all priority bodies of work, building knowledge of domestic and international human rights issues and learning the channels and practices by which Amnesty International delivers much-needed public and governmental scrutiny to end suffering and violation of human rights. The Fellow will also be provided travel to AIUSA's 2014 Annual General Meeting in Chicago, where her or his efforts and achievements will be formally honored in Ladis Kristof's name.


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Our Gratitude

Our deep appreciation goes to the Kristof family for their generous support of this Fellowship and for their commitment to inspiring a new generation of human rights activists. Whether you wish to make a gift that will honor Ladis's legacy or that will inspire the next generation of activists, you may send your donation to:

Amnesty International USA
ATTN: Ladis Kristof Memorial Fellowship
5 Penn Plaza, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10001