Iran: The last executioner of children

January 1, 2011

Iran: The last executioner of children

Ali Mahin Torabi, from Karaj, faces execution for the killing of a schoolmate named Mazdak during a play-ground fight in Bani Hashemi High School in February 2003. Ali Mahin Torabi was 16 years old at the time.

A Juvenile Court in Karaj sentenced Ali Mohin Torabi to qesas on 30 October 2003 and on 8 June 2004, Branch 27 of the Supreme Court upheld the sentence. Ali Mahin Torabi is in Reja’i Shahr prison in Karaj awaiting execution.72

14 Mostafa
Mostafa (surname unknown) was convicted in around August 2005 of killing an intoxicated man in the Pars district of Tehran.73 According to the report, Mostafa was 16 years old at the time and had been trying to stop the man from harassing a girl. The man reportedly started hitting Mostafa, who eventually killed him in the ensuing scuffle.

15 Mehyar
Seventeen-year-old Mehyar (surname unknown) was arrested in December 1999 for the murder of a 58-year-old woman in her home during a burglary. He was sentenced to qesas by Branch 2106 of Tehran General Court. He also received a sentence of flogging for possession of alcoholic drinks, and three years’ imprisonment for theft. It is common in Iran that people sentenced to prison terms in addition to the death penalty serve some or all of their prison sentence before execution.

16 Ne’mat
Ne’mat (surname unknown) was 17 when the Supreme Court upheld his death sentence in around May 2006, placing him at imminent risk of execution.

Ne’mat was reportedly arrested for the January 2003 murder of his sister Zohra’s husband, Haydar Ali.74 According to children’s rights activist and lawyer Nasrin Sotudeh, he was 15 years old at the time.

After his arrest, Ne’mat reportedly denied involvement in the killing. However, following interrogation, he confessed. He was tried before Branch 106 of the General Court in Esfahan and sentenced to qesas.

17 Vahid
Sixteen-year-old Vahid was reportedly sentenced to death for the murder of his friend Mehdi. He claims that he killed him in self-defence after he tried to sexually assault him.75 No further details are known. A youth named Vahid was executed in Evin Prison in September 2006, but it is not clear if this was the same person or not.

18 Hedayat Niroumand
Fifteen-year-old Hedayat Niroumand from Qarni village was reported to have been sentenced to qesas in December 2006 for killing his father.76 Hedayat Niroumand had reportedly been arrested six months earlier – in around June 2006. It was reported that Hedayat Niroumand would not be executed until he reaches the age of 18

.19 Mohammad Jamali Paghale
Mohammad Jamali Paghale was 15 when he allegedly killed his friend. He was initially sentenced to five years’ imprisonment by a children’s court. However, the Supreme Court overturned this and issued a death sentence.

20 Hamid Reza
Hamid Reza, from Gorgan, was sentenced to qesas for a murder allegedly committed when he was 14 years old.

21 Ali Nourmohammadi
Ali Nourmohammadi was 16 when he killed one of his cousins in a fight. He was sentenced to qesas by Branch 24 of the General Court of Kermanshah, which has no jurisdiction over juvenile cases. All the other defendants in the case were over 18. Two others involved in the fight, Ali Nourmohammadi’s uncle and another cousin, were sentenced to diyeh for injuring Ali Nourmohammadi. The sentences were confirmed by Branch 6 of Kermanshah Appeal Court.
Ali Nourmohammadi has been in prison for nine years hoping that the issue can be resolved within the family.

22 Rasoul Safari
Rasoul Safari was sentenced to qesas by Branch 1 of the General Court of Gilangharb on 7 September 2005 for a killing committed when he was 17. On 19 March 2006 Branch 33 of the Supreme Court found the verdict deficient.