Annual Report: Russian Federation 2010

May 28, 2010

Annual Report: Russian Federation 2010

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Violence against women and girls

Research by NGOs showed that violence against women in the family was widespread. There were no statistics provided by the government, and government support for crisis centres and telephone help lines remained inadequate. There were only some 20 shelters across the country for women fleeing domestic violence. Many of these were open solely to those with residential registration in the local region, including Moscow's single shelter, which provided space for only 10 women. No legal measures specifically addressed violence against women in the family.

Amnesty International visit/reports

An Amnesty International delegate visited North Ossetia in July.

Civilians in the aftermath of war - the Georgia-Russia conflict one year on (7 August 2009)
Russian Federation: Rule without law - human rights violations in the North Caucasus (30 June 2009)
Russian Federation: Briefing to the UN Human Rights Committee (1 October 2009)