A Global Refugee Crisis

We are in the midst of the largest refugee crisis since WWII. Over 21 million people today are refugees—over half of them are children.

Refugees are people who have had to flee their country because of armed conflict, serious human rights abuses, or persecution. The vast majority of refugees are hosted in low and middle income countries, with one quarter living in least developed countries.

More than half of the world’s refugees are living in just 10 countries. Many refugees are living in grinding poverty without access to basic services and without hope for the future. Not surprisingly, many are desperate to move elsewhere. And some are willing to risk dangerous journeys to try and find a better life.

Only around 30 countries offer resettlement places for vulnerable refugees, and the number of places annually falls far short of the needs. Additionally, funding needed for refugee protection and support, including basic necessities like food and water, falls dramatically short, leaving refugees in the direst circumstances imaginable.

I Welcome

To respond to this global crisis, Amnesty International has launched the I WELCOME campaign, a global campaign focused on the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

  • Global Responsibility Sharing: wealthier countries—including the United States—must do more to resettle refugees and support humanitarian efforts
  • Fair and transparent asylum processes: no matter how a person arrives at a border, they have the right to request asylum
  • Safe and legal routes for people on the move, including people fleeing extreme violence from Central America
  • Protection of children at the border: when children arrive at the US border, they should be protected, not detained, and the best interests of children should govern the protection process

Global change starts with two words: I WELCOME. And it starts with you. Join us! Download our activist toolkit to get started, and find more information below.

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Refugees & Asylum Updates
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