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After weeks of intense negotiations at the UN Conference, including a roadblock put up by Iran, Syria and North Korea, a final treaty was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly on April 2nd, 2013! The treaty prohibits arms transfers that would be used to commit genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. We are now closer than ever to preventing arms transfers where there is a substantial risk that they will be used to commit serious violations of human rights.

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Arms Trade Updates
In an important step forward for human rights and international law, Secretary of State John Kerry signed the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on behalf of the United States earlier today.
From the streets of Ferguson, Missouri to the favelas of Brazil, the police use of force and firearms makes global headlines when it turns fatal. All too often people are killed or seriously injured w...

The irresponsible and illegal supply of weaponry and munitions to the warring parties in Côte d’Ivoire has continued for over a decade.

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