Fiji Human Rights

On 10 April, President Ratu Iloilo abrogated the Constitution, sacked the judiciary and declared a state of emergency using the Public Emergency Regulations (PER). These moves came a day after the Court of Appeal ruled that the military coup d’état of December 2006, and the subsequent actions of coup leader Commodore Bainimarama and President Ratu Iloilo, were illegal. Since April, media freedom was severely curtailed; the executive interfered with the independence of the judiciary and lawyers; and scores of human rights defenders, critics of the government and journalists were arrested and briefly detained, threatened or otherwise intimidated.

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Press Release
The Fijian parliament must overturn the suspension of an opposition MP for merely exercising her right to freedom of expression, Amnesty International said today
Under the military’s dominance, the Pacific island nation of Fiji has seen an ingrained culture of torture take root among its security forces, a new Amnesty International report says today.