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Press Release
December 11, 2015

Two new bills addressing the epidemic levels of torture and disappearances in Mexico offer a ray of hope for victims and family members, Amnesty International said today after Mexican President Enr...

Press Release
December 9, 2015

“We learned one year ago today that U.S. personnel tortured detainees as part of the CIA’s secret detention program. The revelations came in the summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s groun...

Press Release
December 7, 2015

Torture at the hands of the police in the Philippines continues with alarming frequency while those responsible are almost always allowed to evade justice, Amnesty International said.

Press Release
December 3, 2015

In the past 24 hours, judges in two states in northern Mexico have released torture victims who have spent years in prison away from their families and young children, providing hope for justice in...

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