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Press Release
December 24, 2015

Authorities in Thailand must ensure an independent, transparent and thorough examination of allegations of torture by police made by two men who today were found guilty of murder, Amnesty Internati...

Press Release
December 23, 2015

The Thai Supreme Court’s decision to uphold a guilty verdict against the director of an online news site sets an appalling precedent for freedom of expression - particularly online - in a climate w...

Press Release
December 9, 2015

Thailand must stop using the lèse majesté law to criminalize freedom of expression, Amnesty International said today as the US Ambassador to the country faced a police investigation for alleged def...

Press Release
December 7, 2015

The arrest of a group of 37 activists in Thailand ahead of a planned anti-corruption protest is the latest evidence that the country’s military government is using arbitrary powers of detention to...

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