Take Part in the Movement

When you attend or organize an Amnesty International USA event you are taking a part in a global movement to change the world. Events are a fun way to get involved with Amnesty and meet other individuals who are passionate about human rights. Most events are linked to a specific issue or action, and allow you to support our efforts to end human rights violations whenever and wherever they occur.

There are many different types of Amnesty events going on all across the country, so be sure to check in with your Regional Office and see what your local AI chapter groups are planning near you.


Upcoming Events

This is held every year on Human Rights Day, December 10th.
Human Rights Day
Oak Park Heights, Minnesota

I am one of the presidents of the Amnesty International club at my high school. Each year on Human Rights Day we get speakers from our area that have goals to fight for human rights around the worl...

December 12, 2015
Write for Rights
Takoma Park, Maryland

Write to victims and oppressors in honor of Human Rights Day (Dec 10).

First Monday of the month.
Oklahoma City Monthly Meeting
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Monthly meeting in Central Oklahoma to work for human rights everywhere.