Visions in Feminism Conference

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Visions in Feminism Conference

Each year, Visions in Feminism seeks to provide a forum for diverse perspectives within a feminist framework to keep the movement relevant, inspire action by its attendees, and destabilize patriarchy and other forms of oppression.

This Year's Conference Theme is: Bringing Feminism to Un-Feminist Spaces

Feminism as a movement is often torn between a generic "Girl Power" label and overly isolating academic jargon. Both methods can distract the application of feminism from its focus. The spirit of feminism is inclusive, multi-faceted and complex. By creating space for voices from across religious, social, and political spectrums to address racism, classism, hetero and cis sex-isms we expand and infiltrate spaces that are not outwardly labeled as "feminist".

This year, the ViF conference will explore how we can bring feminism into areas of society that have been under-served by, do not openly identify with, or are unsympathetic to feminism's goals. By focusing on these efforts, the movement can expand to reach those individuals who would not readily align themselves with feminism and successfully demonstrate the necessity of feminist approaches in continuing the anti-oppression work of the future.

Visions in Feminism is broken up into workshop blocks and a keynote speaker, with breakfast and lunch provided. Childcare is free and ESL, and Sign Language provided upon request.

Event time: 9am - 6pm

American University- Ward Building
4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016
United States