NoBan // NoWall Vigil at Brooklyn Borough Hall

Sunday, April 9, 2017

NoBan // NoWall Vigil at Brooklyn Borough Hall

On March 6th, 2017, President Trump signed another Executive Order banning people from several Muslim-majority countries. The most recent ban affects approximately 180,000,000 lives from choosing to visit/travel/reside in the United States; this number represents the population of the six countries identified in the Order: Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. To put it in context, that's approximately more than half the population of the United States.

Please join us on Sunday, April 9th as members across the city participate in a day of action. We will light 1,800 candles where each candle will represent 100,000 individuals that symbolize the light and spirit of the human lives of these six countries. While banned from traveling to the United States, Amnesty International recognizes the discriminatory and xenophobic nature of this ban and calls on you to stand in solidarity with us, Muslim communities, and those who have been persecuted or experienced human rights violations because of their faith and religious practices.

At sundown on April 9th, stand with us at Borough hall at 7pm for a vigil. We must hold space to support each other and recognize we are not alone in our determination for peace and human rights for all.

Event Time: 7-9PM, Sunday, April 9th

Borough Hall
209 Joralemon
Brooklyn, NY 11201
United States