Urgent Action Update: Prominent Activists Still Languishing in Jail (Niger: UA 36.20)

August 25, 2020

Activists Maikoul Zodi, Halidou Mounkaila and Moudi Moussa have been languishing in jail for over five months for planning a protest on 15 March demanding an investigation into the alleged misuse of public funds. On 6 August, the three were granted release on bail of XOF 5 million each (about USD $9021) but the prosecutor successfully appealed the decision on the same day. They continue to be held in prison. They are prisoners of conscience and must be immediately released.



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M. Marou Amadou
Minister of Justice
Boulevard du Djermaganda BP 466
Niamey, Niger
Email: [email protected]
Fax: +227 20 72 37 77

Ambassador Hassana Alidou
Embassy of the Republic of Niger
2204 R St. NW Washington, DC 20008
Phone: 202 483 4224 I Fax: 202 483 3169
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @HassanaAlidou
Salutation: Dear Ambassador


Your Excellency,

I am concerned to learn that it has been five months that activists Maikoul Zodi, Halidou Mounkaila and Moudi Moussa have been held in arbitrary pre-trial detention following their arrest on 15 March during a protest that they organized in Niamey, Niger’s capital, demanding an investigation into the allegations of misuse of funds by the Ministry of Defense. Their request for provisional release has been denied three times, the most recent on 6 August when the Court’s decision to release them on bail of XOF 5 million each (about USD $9021) was successfully appealed by the prosecutor’s office.

Maikoul Zodi is detained in Ouallam Prison (100 km from Niamey), Halidou Mounkaila in Camp Penal of Dey Keyna (111 km from Niamey) and Moudi Moussa in Kollo Prison (35 km from Niamey).

Amnesty International believes that the charges against the activists related to complicity in damaging public property, arson and manslaughter, have been fabricated to undermine the peaceful exercise of their human rights and demands for accountability.

I urge you to ensure that Maikoul Zodi, Halidou Mounkaila and Moudi Moussa are immediately released; prior to their release, they have prompt, regular and unrestricted access to their family and a lawyer of their choice; put an end to harassment, intimidation and attacks against members of civil society; and carry out an independent, impartial, thorough and effective investigation into the deaths during the demonstration on 15 March to bring the perpetrators to justice, with due regard for the right to a fair trial.

Yours sincerely,