Urgent Action: Researcher Forcibly Disappeared (Egypt: UA 104.19)

On 11 June 2019, Ibrahim Ezz El-Din, a housing rights researcher with an Egyptian NGO, was arrested by security forces from a street near his house in Moqattam, Cairo, and forcibly disappeared. Since his arrest, the authorities have continued to deny that he is in their custody and his family have not been informed of his fate or whereabouts.



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Public Prosecutor Nabil Sadek
Office of the Public Prosecutor
Madinat al-Rehab
Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt
Fax: +202 2577 4716
Ambassador Yasser Reda
Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
3521 International Ct NW, Washington DC 20008
Phone: 202 895 5400 I Fax: 202 244 5131
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @EgyptEmbassyUSA
Salutation: Dear Ambassador

Dear Counsellor,

On the night of 11 June 2019, plainclothes Egyptian security forces arrested Ibrahim Ezz El-Din, a housing rights researcher at the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedom. He was taken from the street in the area where he lives in Moqattam, Cairo, and has been forcibly disappeared since then. Following his arrest, his family and lawyers have enquired about him at the Moqattam police station, but the authorities denied that he is in their custody. The family and lawyers also sent a telegram (a postal message) to the Public Prosecutor and filed a complaint regarding his disappearance.

Enforced disappearance occurs when there is a deprivation of liberty, when that deprivation of liberty is carried out by state officials and when the deprivation of liberty is followed by the authorities’ refusal to acknowledge the deprivation of liberty or the fate or whereabouts of the individual in question.

I urge you to reveal the whereabouts of Ibrahim Ezz El-Din immediately and ensure that he has access to his lawyers and family and that he is protected from torture and other ill-treatment. I also urge you to bring all those responsible for his disappearance to justice, and to ensure that he is released, unless charged with an internationally recognizable crime.

Yours sincerely,


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