Urgent Action: Lawyer of Xinca People Under Threat (Guatemala: UA 63.19)

Quelvin Jimenez received death threats and continues to be targeted with smear campaigns, intimidations, and surveillance due to his activities defending the rights to land and territory of the Xinca People in the context of mining activities in the South of Guatemala. Latest threats include phone calls, the presence of an armed man near his home and an attempt of intimidation while he was going to his house on 6 May. We urge the public prosecutor’s office to carry out investigation into all the attacks and provide protection for Quelvin Jimenez.



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Consuelo Porras
Guatemala’s Attorney General
Email: [email protected] (Mrs Porras’ private secretary)
Twitter: @MPguatemala
Ambassador Sandra Erica Jovel Polanco
Embassy of Guatemala
2220 R St. NW, Washington DC 20008
Phone: 202 745 4953 I Fax: 202 745 1908
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @EmbaGuateUSA
Contact Form: https://bit.ly/2JCDADm
Salutation: Dear Ambassador

Dear Attorney General,

I am writing to express my alarm and concern for the safety of lawyer of the Xinca People, Quelvin Jimenez, who was alerted of a plan to kill him in late April and that his house was under surveillance. On 6 May the same armed man seen near his house chased Quelvin on a motorcycle attempting to make his vehicle slow down. Quelvin has received death threats on the phone on several occasions. The investigations on previous attacks remain pending and the police have yet to enforce security measures ordered by the public prosecutor’s office to protect him.

I urge you to conduct a prompt, independent, effective and impartial investigation into all the threats and attacks against Quelvin Jimenez, and to bring all those responsible to justice. I also ask that you guarantee the protection of Quelvin Jimenez by the police, according to his wishes and needs.

Yours sincerely,