Urgent Action: Baloch Activist Held Incommunicado (United Arab Emirates: UA 22.19)

On 26 December 2018, Emirati security forces detained Pakistani national Rashid Hussain Brohi without an arrest warrant. He has been held incommunicado since then. Emirati authorities have not disclosed his location, any cause for arrest, or any charges being raised against him. There are strong indications that Emirati officials are preparing to deport or extrajudicially render Rashid Hussain to Pakistan, where he was involved in Baloch activism prior to moving to the Emirates. There is reason to fear his life would be in danger if he were forcibly returned to Pakistan.



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Salutation: Your Excellency

Your Highness Sheikh Abdullah,

On 26 December 2018, Emirati security forces detained Pakistani national Rashid Hussain Brohi. The vehicle Rashid Hussain was traveling in was stopped on the E88 highway by two cars. The two drivers, in civilian clothing, presented badges identifying them as Emirati intelligence agents, but no warrants for either search or arrest, and took Rashid Hussain into custody. Since that time, he has been seen only once, on 29 December, when at roughly 1.00am, armed security personnel, with Rashid Hussain in their custody, entered his relatives’ home to search for his passport. Though Rashid’s family have searched for him and made inquiries through official UAE channels, Emirati authorities have not disclosed his location, a reason for his arrest, or any charges against him. This extended arbitrary and incommunicado detention amounts to enforced disappearance. Given the repeated attempts by UAE authorities to take Rashid Hussain’s passport, it appears that this detention is preparatory to extrajudicial rendition to Pakistan. While in Pakistan, Rashid Hussain was an activist with the Baloch National Movement, and there is reason to believe his life would be in danger if forcibly returned there.

I urge you to reveal Rashid Hussain’s whereabouts and allow him regular and private communication with his family and a lawyer of his choice, and to ensure that refoulement contrary to international law does not occur and that any charges against Rashid Hussain are tried in open court proceedings with all due legal process.

Yours sincerely,