October 26, 2015

Argentina: Ensure Fair Trial For Relmu Ñamku (UA 240/15)

An Indigenous leader, Relmu Ñamku, will be charged with attempted homicide on 26 October for hurting a policewoman in 2012, when her community resisted eviction from their ancestral land, in Argentina’s Neuquén Province. She had first been charged with ‘causing harm’. She may face an unfair trial, and risks 15 years in prison.
1) Please write immediately in Spanish or your own language:
  • Urging the Argentinian authorities to guarantee that Indigenous leader Relmu Ñamku is tried in accordance with international fair trial standards
  • Urging them to guarantee that international standards that protect Indigenous peoples’ rights, including their right over their territories and natural resources, are taken into account during the trial.
  • Urging them to avoid using criminal law to intimidate, threaten and silence the claims of Indigenous peoples.
2) For the full Urgent Action, including appeal addresses and further information, please click on the Word or PDF version below.
3) Please let us know if you took action so that we can track our impact! 
  • EITHER send a short email to uan@aiusa.org with "UA 240/15" in the subject line, and include in the body of the email the number of letters and/or emails you sent, 
  • OR fill out this short online form to let us know how you took action.