Area Coordinator


Area Coordinators (ACs) are experienced organizers who provide direct support to the organizing and advocacy work of AIUSA’s Local Groups and grassroots members in their communities, to advance AIUSA’s human rights agenda and support the larger human rights movement. ACs are key players in state planning, the coordination of local actions, and activist recruitment and engagement. They also work to build AIUSA’s local presence through various activities, including event organizing and other advocacy tactics. ACs bring together various parts of AI’s membership and activist base in their local area to collaborate on initiatives and develop partnerships with other local human rights and social justice activists when coalition work is needed.


Leadership for human rights
  • Work with state leadership team and AIUSA staff to plan and implement local, state, and regional meetings; trainings; conferences; and other organizing initiatives that support the growth and development of AI activism in your area. 
  • Remain up to-date on Amnesty International and general human rights issues, campaigns, policies and current events. 
  • Take part in regional and national consultations and meetings.
Build & Maintain Amnesty International’s State-based Grassroots Network
  • Assist in identifying, recruiting, and cultivating new local leaders and members. 
  • Identify areas for growth and support the establishment of new AIUSA local groups. 
  • Support existing local groups by providing guidance on AIUSA’s mission and policies; connecting them to AI resources and members; supporting local coalition and network building, including collaboration with other AIUSA groups; facilitating training; and organizing and sharing advocacy opportunities. 
  • Maintain close and ongoing contact with local group coordinators through quarterly check-ins and visits to local group meetings. 
Human Rights Advocacy Mobilization
  • Work with state leadership team, other member leaders, and AIUSA staff to develop state-wide events and, strategic actions, and increase local participation in human rights advocacy.
  • Support legislative advocacy engagement of groups and members in your area. 
  • Engage existing local groups, new potential leaders and member, and community partners to participate in AIUSA signature mobilizations such as Write for Rights.


As Amnesty International USA leaders with both public and internal responsibilities AC applicants need the following prerequisites to be considered for the position:

  • At least 2 years of active membership in an Amnesty group
  • Commitment to the goals of the global movement (Amnesty International), AIUSA’s strategic goals, the work outlined by the AC Job Description, and grassroots activism
  • Consent to follow the policies and positions of Amnesty International and abide by AIUSA’s Code of Conduct
  • Willingness to participate in an orientation and mentoring program throughout the first year of service


  • Serve for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Attend bi-monthly all-AC calls via Zoom.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with AIUSA staff and member leaders.
  • Become an official dues-paying member of AIUSA ($25/year) or complete a dues-waiver form.
  • Participate in monthly reporting of activities and the development of an annual AC work plan.
  • Maintain close contact with regional representative to AIUSA’s Area Coordinators Steering Committee (ACSC) through quarterly check-ins. 
  • Allow contact information to be shared with other AIUSA member leaders and activists in the area served.


Contact our Grassroots Leadership and Engagement Team to learn more.