AGM 2018 Action Alley


The Action Alley is a forum to learn about and take action on human rights issues and current AIUSA priorities, and a space for groups to creatively display their ideas and accomplishments. If you would like to apply for a space in the Action Alley at AGM, submit this form before Monday, January 15th at 5:00pm EST. Space is limited so apply today!

Applications will be vetted to ensure that display contents adhere to AIUSA policy. We will provide each approved participant with a shared space on a skirted table for your display and materials at no charge. Participants are responsible for creating displays, transportation to and from the conference, set-up, clean-up of the display and all materials, and staffing of their table throughout the conference.

REMINDER: Action Alley displays should engage participants and be interactive and action oriented. Before deciding how to structure your display, think about the following questions: How can you get conference attendees more involved and talking about your work? What action can you ask people to take? How can you use technology?

TIP: A well planned display communicates its message in a visually powerful way, allowing the attendee to grasp the information quickly. Tables should be kept simple but interactive and captivating. A brief, large-type heading of no more than one or two lines should be provided above each illustration, with more detailed information added in smaller type beneath the illustration.

We will follow-up with you after the deadline to notify you of your application status and to provide additional logistical information, if approved.