AGM 2018 Subsidy Application


AIUSA is providing limited subsidies in the form of lodging for the 2018 Annual General Meeting in the Washington DC, Metro Area. The subsidies are intended for active AI members and activists or those hoping to become active that would otherwise be unable to attend the conference due to financial constraints. Subsidies will cover lodging at the conference venue for two nights (Friday and Saturday night).

You must apply before the deadline to be considered. Groups of two – four are required for each application; a separate application should be completed for each room you are applying for.

After the application deadline has passed (January 15th at 5:00pm EST), we will make final decisions and notify applicants that have been tentatively awarded a subsidy by no later than January 19th. At this point you will have until January 22nd at 5:00pm EST for everyone in your group to register online for the AGM and submit waivers (if under age 18). We will not secure your room unless we receive your proof of registration and minor waivers (if applicable) by January 22nd.

In order to be awarded a subsidy, you must volunteer for 3 hours per day at the AGM (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

This subsidy covers one hotel room per application (1 room for every two-four people) at the conference venue, the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, for two nights (Friday and Saturday). This subsidy does not cover registration, food, travel, or any other expense.

Please note: if you (or a member of your group) are 17 years of age or younger and applying for a subsidy, AIUSA requires that a chaperone or guardian must accompany you (and your group) for the entire duration of the conference. AIUSA does not assume responsibility for unaccompanied minors and we require the presence of a chaperone or guardian on site with minors at all times. All subsides and hotel rooms will be registered under the chaperone and/or guardian’s name. To check into the hotel, guardians and/or chaperones must be present at the time of check-in.