Washington D.C.

Carolyn Nash

Advocacy Director, Asia • Advocacy and Government Relations

Carolyn Nash is the Advocacy Director for Asia at Amnesty International USA. Prior to joining Amnesty, Carolyn managed human rights and governance programs for Trocaire Myanmar. She also worked previously for the International Center for Transition Justice in Indonesia and The Asia Foundation in Timor Leste. She was a 2017 Pacific Delegate with the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. 

Carolyn received her M.A. in International Relations and Economics with a focus on Politics and Governance from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and her B.A. in English literature from Columbia University. 

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URGENT: Children seeking asylum in the U.S. are being denied their human rights based on their nationality — help ensure that all girls and boys fleeing violence can seek safety.