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Letter to Milwaukee Police Department on Shooting of Sylville Smith

August 19, 2016

Amnesty International USA sent a letter to the Milwaukee Police Department asking for a thorough, independent and transparent investigation into the shooting death of Sylville Smith.

"Amnesty International seeks your assurance that the investigation into this incident will conform to the highest standards for investigating officer-involved shootings, and that all relevant evidence, including the autopsy report and witness testimony, will be made available to it," wrote Margaret Huang, interim executive director of Amnesty International USA.

"We urge that a report of the findings be made public as soon as possible, with information on the scope of the investigation, procedures and methods used to evaluate evidence, as well as conclusions and recommendations. We also seek your assurance that any officer found responsible for unlawful use of force will be held accountable in disciplinary and criminal proceedings as appropriate."

The full letter can be found here.