U.S. Presidential Candidates Forum – Human Rights Priorities Intake form


    • Word Limit: The total world limit of your submission must be capped at no more than 750 words. Additional space will not be allotted.
    • Structure: Except for the federal policy recommendations section, please use a narrative form. We recommend simple, direct sentences free of acronyms and jargon. Campaign staff is likely to be unfamiliar with your issue.
    • Number of Submissions: While we ask that you submit only on major topics under your purview, we are not capping the number of submissions. As an example, it would be appropriate for International Advocacy team to submit one item on UN funding and a separate item on the Human Rights Council. Where possible, however, we urge you to unify related themes into one umbrella (e.g. a government’s assault on civil society and the rule of law)
    • Law Pol: All submissions selected for inclusion will be reviewed and edited by the AIUSA Law & Policy unit.  We will handle this review process. All you need to do is submit draft issue briefs.
    • Selection for Inclusion: We strongly urge you to include clear, specific, and actionable recommendations for action by the executive branch. Please ensure your recommendations are appropriate for the executive branch (as opposed to Congress).  Be sure to specify the federal agency/commission that needs to take the proposed action. Please avoid recommendations that call the executive to “raise concerns” etc. 
    • Non-partisan: Since the 2016 election, our organization has repeatedly raised grave concerns about the Trump Administration’s policies vis-à-vis human rights. At the same time, U.S. law prevents our nonprofit organization from endorsing any candidate or political party. To ensure we can continue to operate inside the confines of U.S. law, please ensure that your submission focuses on the particular policies at issue. Please ensure you are comfortable with your issue brief being presented to all presidential candidates, including Donald Trump.
    • Deadline: As per the above, your submission will only be considered if it is received by January 15.  Given tight deadlines and limited capacity, we will be unable to substantially edit submissions. To be considered, please ensure that your writing is tight and free of errors.


  • Questions

    Problem Statement: What is the human rights problem? How many people are affected? Who is responsible for the human rights violation?

    Amnesty Case: Is there an Amnesty-approved case/individual that illustrates/personalizes this issue?

    Federal Policy Recommendations (no more than 3. You may use bullet points): What federal policy solution should the presidential candidates implement? All recommendations must specify action to be taken by the federal government (White House, federal agencies and commissions). Please don’t include recommendations that require new authorizing legislation. (Please be as specific as possible; Bullet points are OK.) Please list no more than 3 priorities in order of importance.

    Talking Points: A talking point that encapsulates the challenge and the solution, free of jargon. Talking points should communicate how this is a win-win proposition (for the new president and for human rights).

    Time urgency (OPTIONAL): Is there a deadline or external event that would require a new administration to address this issue before June 30, 2020? For example, a Supreme Court case addressing the issue during the 2019-20 calendar, or a UN summit/forum requiring participation of the US government.

    Additional Information (OPTIONAL): You may include a list of three additional Amnesty resources that the candidate may consult in order to get more information. Provide a brief description “e.g. Amnesty Kenya Human Rights Defenders Brief” and paste the entire link.

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