Ernest Coverson

End Gun Violence Campaign Manager

Ernest Coverson serves at the End Gun Violence Campaign Manager for Amnesty International USA.  In this capacity he works to eradicate all forms of gun violence plaguing our country especially in Black and Brown communities.  This work is being done through the legislative process and direct community organizing.  As campaign manager Ernest has been able to forge partnerships throughout the country that has allowed Amnesty to support and elevate organizations that typically don’t receive national recognition.


Ernest has committed his life to social justice throughout the country.  He began his journey for justice as Regional Youth Director with the NAACP where he worked to develop youth leadership across the Midwest.  The work and results during that time lead to his elevation to Regional Director on the east coast where he continued to organize, train activist and also lead national voter empowerment programs.


With over 20 years of experience in community empowerment work, Ernest continues to build bridges for those in challenging circumstances while making sure their voices are lifted.  He is proud father of one daughter and servant to all.