APRIL 3-11, 2021

National Week of Student Action

On campuses nationwide, AIUSA student groups organize and take action for human rights. During National Week of Student Action, groups will come together in creative, public and impactful actions focused on AIUSA’s priority campaign to End Gun Violence.

National Week of Student Action is an opportunity to take your group’s activism to the next level. You will plan actions with a focus on influencing federal and state legislation that will help address gun violence as a human rights issue. This could be a Human Rights Week with different actions planned each day, or one big public action during the week. Your actions could help move background checks legislation across the finish line, or start a conversation on gun violence as a human rights issue in your community. NWSA is a way to educate your community about the issue in a creative way, and inspire people to join you in taking action.

National Week of Student Action will happen again in 2021. In the meantime, AIUSA encourages you to stay active for human rights! Contact [email protected] with any questions.