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How to Preserve Your Right to Protest

Teen Vogue
Teen Vogue’s Civil Discourse 101 features Amnesty International USA staff members, who answer questions from young activists as part of its #Right2Protest series.

'I Just Knew To Run To Save My Life': Nearly 125,000 Rohingya Flee Myanmar


In a span of less than two weeks, rampant violence has driven nearly 125,000 members of a Muslim ethnic minority from their homeland. And as the Rohingya cross the border from Myanmar into Bangladesh, they have borne little but the clothes on their backs and their brutal stories of the systematic rape, murder and arson they escaped.

8 Immigration Horror Stories from Trump's Radicalized and Empowered ICE Agency


In February, ICE agents forcibly removed Sara Beltrán Hernández from a Texas hospital where she was being treated for a brain tumor and returned her to one of its facilities.

Has the U.S. Air War Killed 685 Civilians—or More Than 5,200?

Daily Beast

Months after the fact, the U.S. coalition has admitted to accidentally killing nearly 40 civilians in the fierce final battle for Mosul. Human rights activists insist the figures are much, much higher.

How many civilian lives are acceptable as collateral damage in Iraq and Syria?

Think Progress

While an aggressive campaign of airstrikes and shelling might free these towns from ISIS rule, a key question remains: how to mitigate the inevitable human toll civilian residents and deal a lasting blow to ISIS.

Brazilians dislocated by Rio Olympics try to rebuild lives and communities

Miami Herald

This small waterfront community used to be lined with coconut palms and fruit trees. There were 11 streets with names such as Pit Stop and Piquet that referenced a nearby Formula One racetrack, corner grocery stores, beauty salons, bars, auto repair shops, and the sounds of bustling street life.

The decision to cut aid to Egypt was historic. Now the hard work begins.

Washington Post

The announcement this week that the United States will cut $95.7 million in aid to Egypt and delay another $195 million because it had failed to make progress on respecting human rights and democratic norms was stunning.

3-Year-Old Released From Immigrant Detention After Spending Half His Life Locked Up

Huffington Post

A 3-year-old Honduran boy was released from immigrant detention on Monday after spending more than 21 months locked up ― 10 of them after he’d been granted a status that allows him to stay in the United States.

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