September 2017 (Human Rights Defenders in Turkey: The Istanbul 10)

In light of the degrading human rights landscape in Turkey, our call examined the crackdown on human rights activists, media outlets and journalists, including the detention of both the Director and Chair of Amnesty Turkey. We provided background to the worsening conditions and the circumstances of the detentions. We offered options for members to help … Continued

August 2017 (Upcoming Regional Conferences)

This membership call profiled the new look of AIUSA’s five upcoming Regional Conferences and discussed the importance of member and youth participation in the governance process. AIUSA has revised and repurposed the conferences to make them more accessible, affordable and relevant to our members. The Board will also be proposing possible governance changes that differ … Continued

July 2017 (Keep U.S. Doors Open! Protecting Refugees and Asylum Seekers)

This month’s call addressed the harsh realities facing refugees and asylum seekers in the U.S, especially in the current political climate which corrodes and weakens the U.S. refugee system and budget. We detailed violent conditions south of the border which force individuals and families to seek asylum in the U.S. The call outlined AI’s legislative … Continued

May 2017 (Amnesty at 56: Telling Our Stories)

This unique call let us look back and look forward by telling our stories. It honored Amnesty’s birthday and acknowledged both past accomplishments and highlighted what we hope to achieve in the years ahead. It afforded a space for members and leaders to share personal stories, experiences and inspirations to see where we have come … Continued

April 2017 (Urgent Call to Stay the Rush to Executions in Arkansas)

Urgent Call to stay the sudden rush to Executions in Arkansas – Overview of AIUSA’s anti-death penalty work and upcoming executions scheduled in Arkansas; Updates on AIUSA’s recent work on the ground in Arkansas; Details of AI’s work with coalition partners in AR; Explanation of legal appeals underway in AR. Guest speakers from Equal Justice USA and the ACLU. Speakers: … Continued

February 2017 (AIUSA’s #NoBanNoWall Crisis Response)

AIUSA’s # NoBanNoWall Crisis Response; events and actions groups and individuals can take to oppose the Muslim ban; protest tips and tactics for activism; report on regional actions taken by local and especially student groups. Speakers: Jiva Manske, Managing Director, Organizing and Activism, AIUSA Kalaya’an Mendoza, Field Director, AIUSA Shannon Rosset, Area Coordinator (AC), Arizona … Continued

January 2017 (Info, news & sharing on upcoming Annual General Meeting)

Upcoming AGM news, including details, dates, deadlines and logistics; Information on AGM Program Committee Work, Governance and Voting at AGM; updates on Conference Sessions; and coverage on Action Alley, the Ideas Fair and the Community Art Space. Speakers: Suhayl Santana – Events Coordinator, AIUSA Ken Mayers – Member, Co-Group Steering Committee Tom Benner – Area … Continued

December 2016 (Discussion of AI Website Redesign)

Interactive Discussion on AI website re-design. The call was offered to present our working plans to redesign Amnesty International’s website and particularly to hear members’ concerns and questions regarding their experience with the website. We presented three basic questions to solicit feedback and comments from callers and members. Speakers: Dan Schutzsmith – Senior Web Developer / Digital Technology Manager, AIUSA Anita … Continued

November 2016 (Exploration of AIUSA’s Tax Status User Guide For Groups)

AIUSA’s Tax Status User Guide For Groups – In November, we led an explorative discussion of new Tax Status User Guide to help groups navigate AIUSA’s IRS charitable 501(c) (3) tax exempt status in relation to the student or local group’s financial operations. We provided information to help reconcile group’s fundraising and finances with regard to the … Continued

October 2016 (Write For Rights Campaign and related Group Activities)

In October, the Monthly Membership call highlighted AIUSA’s 2016 Write For Rights Campaign and how groups and individuals can participate in our movement’s largest gobal event. Every year, to mark Human Rights Day on December 10, hundreds of thousands of people around the world send letters and sign online petitions on behalf of someone they’ve never met, … Continued