September 25, 2019


We have a chance to prevent mass shootings in Washington by banning high capacity magazines (HCMs). HCMs allow shooters to fire up to 100 times without having to stop to reload their weapon. This means more people dead in a shorter amount of time.

Washington residents can take these critical actions to help:


  • A recent study found that 58% of mass shootings between 2009 – 2017 involved guns with high capacity magazines
  • A poll from December 2019 showed that 65% of Washington voters support regulating or banning high capacity magazines
  • Whether a state has a ban on high capacity magazines is the single greatest predictor of mass shooting rates in that state
  • The precious seconds it takes for a shooter to reload can mean life or death. In Parkland, Florida, the mass shooting only ended when the shooter’s weapon jammed as he attempted to reload. During Sandy Hook, 11 children were able to escape while the shooter was forced to reload. 
    • Washington state has directly experienced this scenario: a would-be mass shooter at Seattle Pacific University was stopped when a student tackled the shooter while he was reloading his gun