Meet with Congress on critical human rights issues

All are welcome to participate in Amnesty International USA’s grassroots advocacy. You will be provided with the training, materials, and guidance you need to run a successful lobby visit with your legislators.

Fall 2021 Virtual Lobby Action

Lobby With Us

September 20-24, 2021

Amnesty activists across the country will meet virtually with Members of Congress and ask them to fund community-led solutions against gun violence and end the harmful and unjust detention of immigrants and asylum seekers.

Register now and follow the checklist below to join us in demanding that elected officials take action for human rights.


Pre-Lobby Action Checklist

  1. Leave Behinds are documents that you will leave behind with Congressional staffers. For virtual lobby meetings, you will email these document to staffers in advance, during, or after your meeting. Materials updated 9/14/2021.

  2. Use the guides below to practice with your state’s delegation before your lobby meeting.

After you lobby with us

Email us with any questions at [email protected]