Membership Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for ensuring that AIUSA remains in good fiscal healthThe main function of the Membership Committee is to monitor the health of AIUSA’s membership and make recommendations for improving the support, guidance, and tools provided to grassroots activists and member leaders to be maximally effective.

The Membership Committee, the newest standing Committee of the AIUSA Board, was created in July 2012 in order to facilitate the cooperative work between the AIUSA’s membership, Board, and staff. There is also a Membership Taskforce Sub-Committee formed in 2013, which focuses on implementation of Pillars I and II of the Strategy and Business Plan.

The Membership Committee works in partnership with MMD staff, member leaders, and other Board committees to facilitate coordination and coherence across departments to achieve greater impact. As a key function, the Membership Committee designs a Board – Membership communications strategy and leads on its implementation through the creation and convening of regular forums for discussion and consultation.

Through the Membership Taskforce Sub-Committee and its affiliated working groups, the Membership Committee supports and monitors efforts to empower and grow membership.

Committee Members

Becky Farrar (Chair)
Angie Hougas
Liz Jennings
Adriana Sanford

Meeting Info

The Membership Committee of the Board meets the fourth Wednesday of every month. If you would like to observe a meeting please email Michelle Menzel at [email protected] for dial-in details.

The agenda for the meetings are as follows (subject to change and approval by Committee during meeting):

  • Welcome/Roll Call
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of past minutes
  • Regional Liaison Updates
  • Any other Business
  • Questions and Answers
  • Adjourn