Urge Your Representative to Join the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission

October 22, 2010

The Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission (formerly known as the Congressional Human Rights Caucus) enhances and coordinates the activities of Members of Congress with a strong interest in human rights.  Recently the Commission has held hearings on the status of human rights in North Korea, Morocco and Sudan, bringing in human rights defenders such as Su-Jin Kang from the Coalition for North Korean Women’s Rights, and Vincent Cochetel from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to speak with members of Congress.

If your Representative is not a member (see the membership list here), ask him or her to join!  Find out who represents you and take action online.

Membership in the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission demonstrates a commitment to promoting human rights and assisting victims of abuse, and it provides members with a service to keep informed about opportunities to lend a voice of leadership on behalf of those whose voices are quelled.

Representatives can join the commission, even in the lame duck session of Congress.  Join us in urging all Members of the House of Representatives to join the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission and work actively to protect and promote freedom, security, and human rights worldwide.