Tweet @BarackObama and @StateDept Demanding Apology for Torture

June 27, 2011

We’ve spent the entire month of June, Torture Awareness Month, focusing on the case of Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen who was spirited off to Syria to be tortured, all under the eye of the U.S. government. Now it’s time to turn up the pressure on President Obama, Congress and the State Department to begin to make amends for Arar’s terrible mistreatment — starting with an apology!

Activists are speaking out in support of torture survivor Maher Arar from all sides, between protesting on the ground, organizing house parties to discuss Arar’s story, and signing our online petition. But why not use all the tools at Amnesty’s cyber-disposal, including Twitter? It’s not just for disgraced politicians and Justin Bieber fans anymore: It can also be a really effective tool for Amnesty’s activism!

Today, join us in a Twitter campaign targeting President Obama and Michael Posner of the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. 

Our messages will include:

Dear @statedept, where is the apology for #torture of Maher Arar? #HumanRights

Hey @State_DRL, why no apology for the #torture of Maher Arar? #HumanRights

Dear @statedept, Maher Arar was tortured under U.S. watch, why no apology? #HumanRights #Torture

Dear @BarackObama, don’t sweep #torture of Maher Arar under the rug, apologize now! #HumanRights

Dear @WhiteHouse, don’t sweep #torture of Maher Arar under the rug, apologize now! #HumanRights

It’s easy to participate: you can just retweet these messages coming from our @amnesty Twitter account (ideally by writing “RT @amnesty” in front of the tweet). Or you can feel free to write your own tweets calling for an apology to Maher Arar, but be sure you stay polite and on message. We’ll report back with our results — hopefully this will spur some major action on the Twitterverse in support of Maher Arar and accountability for torture committed under the United States’ watch.

And if you haven’t signed our online petition urging President Obama and Congress to apologize to Maher Arar, make sure you do so today!