Troy Davis: Celebration of Life

September 30, 2011

I Am Troy DavisTomorrow is the Day of Remembrance for Troy Davis. Amnesty staff and volunteers will be present at his funeral to represent you and our executive direct Larry Cox will be speaking on our behalf.

Many of you have spent countless hours collecting signatures on petitions, organizing educational events, telling everyone you know about this remarkable case. And because of it, people are thinking about the death penalty differently. They are coming to understand the reality of this callous system that creates more victims and solves no problems.

The Davis family is deeply thankful for your support. They recognize that many of you come to have a personal connection to Troy Davis and to them. They would like supporters to be able to join them. Because not everyone can come to Savannah, they have asked for the Celebration of Life service to be livestreamed here.

The slogan “I am Troy Davis” has been a powerful rallying call. It has spoken to our common humanity, which is at the core of human rights and why we took a stand in this case and why we oppose the death penalty in all cases.