This Mother's Day, Write For Moms Worldwide

May 2, 2011

A woman holds a photograph of Tatia Oden French, who died in 2001 after an induced labor.

This year, Mom won’t be the only person receiving a Mother’s Day card.

Giving birth in the United States is more dangerous than in 49 other countries. In the last 24 hours, around the world, almost 1,000 women have died from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Maternal health is a human right — and there’s no better time than Mother’s Day to let Congress and other leaders around the world know that you care about the lives of women worldwide.

Join the fight for maternal health by requesting Mother’s Day action cards to send to U.S. and world decision-makers. Let us know how many cards you’d like by registering online (they come in sets of six).

These Mother’s Day cards aren’t destined for the shoebox or the refrigerator. Send them back to us and we’ll take them straight to your Members of Congress, urging them to support the Maternal Health Accountability Act, which would take vital steps to improve maternal health in the U.S. We’ll send other cards to leaders in Peru and Burkina Faso, urging them to improve their countries’ troubling maternal health records.

From now through May 22, please join other Amnesty activists across the country who are mobilizing in support of maternal health. Your cards will form the foundation of a greater lobbying, research and awareness effort to fight unnecessary deaths in pregnancy and childbirth.

Every 90 seconds a woman dies giving birth, and the rate of maternal death in the United States is increasing. Many of these deaths can — must — be prevented.

This Mother’s Day, Amnesty is giving you the tools to do something about it.  Five hundred members and groups have already registered to write Mother’s Day action cards, host film screenings, and more in support of the right to maternal health. Are you or your Amnesty group part of this world-wide effort? There’s still time to register to receive our event planning kit, including Mother’s Day action cards, buttons, stickers, and more.

Every year, more than 350,000 women die from pregnancy-related complications.  This Mother’s Day, join us in fighting this human rights crisis! Write for mothers worldwiderequest your Mother’s Day cards today.