This is Personal - This is Bringing Human Rights Home

March 1, 2014


Hey super activist.

You’ve defended dignity, spoken out against injustice, and probably even helped save a life by taking action with Amnesty.

Here’s what’s next: Amnesty’s Human Rights Conference & Annual General Meeting in Chicago April 4-6.

In just a few weeks, we will unite in Chicago to fire up this movement and tackle some of the biggest human rights challenges of our time.

I want you to be there. Join me April 4-6 in Chicago for the 2014 Human Rights Conference: Bringing Human Rights Home.

Picture this: 3 full days working side-by-side with passionate human rights activists just like you.

We have a lot to talk about:

  • LGBT Rights are Human Rights: Getting to Know the Movement
  • Ending the “Forever War” at Home and Abroad: Surveillance, Drones, Guantanamo & Islamophobia
  • The Time is Now! Making Women’s Rights a Global Reality.

And much, much more. I promise you, this will be a transformative experience you do not want to miss.

Make your reservation for the 2014 Human Rights Conference today.

This year’s theme of Bringing Human Rights Home is personal, for you and me.

It means that we connect police torture in Turkey with police torture in Chicago. It means a woman fighting for reproductive freedom in Texas has a deep, human connection to a woman struggling for these same rights in El Salvador.

The abuse of one person’s rights is an affront to us all.

Bringing Human Rights Home will show us that human rights are relevant and personal no matter where the fight to protect them takes us.

Make the connection. Join me in Chicago April 4-6.

I hope to see you there.

Reserve your spot now.