The Reggie Clemons Interview: 'I Know I'm Innocent'

August 23, 2012

Today, in the third part of “Death Penalty On Trial”, its multimedia examination of the Reggie Clemons case, The Guardian features an interview with Reggie himself.  In it, he maintains his innocence, discusses his version of what happened the night the Kerry sisters died, and describes the alleged beating he took at the hands of police.

“If you believe that somebody’s willing to beat you to death, while they’re beating you they can just about get you to admit anything.”

Watch for yourself:

That alleged abuse, and the confirmed abuse of Thomas Cummins, who at first was a suspect and then became a star witness for the prosecution, was just the beginning of a deeply flawed pursuit of justice that will be the subject of an unusual “Special Master” hearing on Sept. 17.

To learn more about Reggie Clemons, read Amnesty International’s report and fact sheet …  and take action.