The New US Attorney General Has a Torture Problem. Will She Act?

May 20, 2015

The Obama administration is fond of saying that it wants to “look forward” on torture, not “backward;” that is, it does not want to investigate or prosecute anyone. But failure to act now could increase the risk of torture recurring under the next administration.

There are too many horrific acts – like forced rectal feeding and hydration – that we only learned of due to the report and that we must ensure will never happen again.


That is not a morose prediction – it is what decades of Amnesty International’s experiences all over the world suggest. It is one reason why, under international human rights law, accountability is not a choice – it is an obligation.


As the new attorney general, [Loretta] Lynch faces countless issues she must tackle during her time in office, but ignoring CIA torture is untenable. She must act now to close this chapter of the American torture story.

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