Submission to the Record- July 31 hearing on “Oversight of Immigration Enforcement and Family Reunification Efforts”

August 2, 2018

Ahead of the July 31, 2018 full Judiciary Committee hearing entitled “Oversight of Immigration Enforcement and Family Reunification Efforts”, Amnesty International USA submitted a statement for the hearing record.

On behalf of Amnesty International USA (“AIUSA”) and our more than one million members and supporters nationwide, we urged the Committee to press the administration to ensure that all agencies work to reunify separated families forthwith, and to ensure that all parents and all children have the opportunity to present their asylum claims before an impartial immigration judge.

Therefore, the Committee should press for:

  • End to family separation
  • End to mass family detention
  • End to coercive tactics aimed at immediate family deportation
  • Access to a fair asylum process for both parents and children