Smiling Molester Scores a Jail Sentence

May 25, 2010

While it will not bring back the life of Ruchika Girhotra, total scumbag and former Chief of Police for the State of Haryana SPS Rathore will spend 18 months in prison for the human rights violations committed against Ms Girhotra and her family despite efforts by him and his buddies to sleaze his way out of facing justice:

From that moment, the case became a blatant example of the ability of powerful officials to use their influence to avoid criminal prosecution. Ruchika’s family complained to the police, but officers failed to register the case. Her father and brother were harassed and implicated in false cases. The pressure on the family became so great that Ruchika committed suicide in December 1993.

Her family persevered against all odds to bring this smiling molester to justice.  Rathore faces more charges including a pending indictment on charges of “abetment of suicide”.  May justice prevail and may this be a warning to the human rights abuses in India that no matter how powerful you are, maybe, just maybe, justice will prevail.