Responding to the Human Rights Crisis in South Sudan

April 13, 2012

George Clooney, members of Congress, and activists were arrested last month for protesting human rights abuses in Sudan. Despite the attention this act drew to their suffering, the Sudanese people still face grave abuses, and their country remains devastated by years of civil war.

This week, Amnesty International Canada’s Alex Neve arrived in South Sudan. He is participating in a vitally important human rights research mission to investigate deadly attacks on villages and aerial bombings of civilians along the border region of Sudan and the world’s newest country, South Sudan.

Just before he left, Alex made a video about why this trip was so important. Watch the 3-minute video:

During this research mission, Alex and his team will:

  • investigate the impact of aerial bombings
  • gather first-hand reports
  • document conditions in refugee camps
  • report on human rights abuses
  • convey our concerns to local government leaders

We wish Alex and the team of Amnesty International researchers safe travel to remote and volatile areas, as they gather first-hand reports from those affected by the violence in the region.

While we all can’t go to South Sudan in person, you can still make a difference from home. Take action now to make sure war crimes suspects, like Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir, are brought to justice.

Also consider supporting our research mission and others like it.