NYC Learns the Difference Between Bananas and Guns

June 29, 2012

This week, Amnesty International activists went bananas in New York City’s Times Square  to tell New Yorkers why the upcoming Arms Trade Treaty talks at the UN are so important to protecting human rights.

Three giant digital billboards lit up in Amnesty yellow, and thousands of New Yorkers watched our ClickBoom video on the big screens. And we handed out a healthy, organic banana to passerby — a fair trade snack accompanied by Amnesty’s “Bananafesto” that highlights the insane fact that there are stricter regulations on bananas than there are on guns and bullets worldwide.

Check out our new video from the event, featuring a clip from none other than Russell Brand:

And while we were taking over Times Square, our friends in other parts of the world were taking action too. Amnesty International UK drove a 17-ton tank(!) through the streets of London, paying visits to the embassies of countries who will have key influence on the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations in July.

arms trade treaty tank in london
Amnesty activists drove a tank through the streets of London to create awareness for an Arms Trade Treaty.

If bananas and dinosaur bones warrant so many regulations to protect individuals, so should the global arms trade, tank you very much!

We’ve already collected almost half a million signatures on our petition calling for a bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty. Can you help us reach 1 million? Sign the petition now at, and stay tuned as we deliver the signatures to the UN on July 3rd.