More Violence in Yemen

February 21, 2011

At least 10 people have been killed during peaceful demonstrations in various cities in Yemen over the past three weeks. In Taiz on Friday a grenade was thrown at the protestors, injuring 78 people according to a Yemeni human rights organization.

On Sunday thousands of people have started sit-ins in several cities including, Sana’a Aden, Taiz and Ibb calling on President Ali Abuddlah Saleh to step down.

Tribal leasers have been announcing support for President Saleh or protestors, which with continuation of violence could be very dangerous, considering that Yemen has the second highest rate of per capita gun ownership, after the US.

Among people who have been arrested on Sunday, were Southern Movement opposition leader Hassan Baoum who was arrested from a hospital in Aden which he was receiving treatment.

On Friday one of the activist in Sana’a told Amnesty international “… security blocked every corner, then allowed the thugs to enter, people had no where to run… while running we came across two very young girls around the age of 7 or 8 who were selling books but got caught in the crowd. We took them into the house with us, but then the security wanted to enter.  We informed the security that we have children and a woman with us but instead of protecting us, they called the thugs to come in and attack us but the doors were locked.  We tried to go up on the roof, and then wanted to run down to the other side, but thugs saw us and started throwing rocks at us. Me and one of the girls got hit by a rock but very mildly, the girls were terrified”.