More Violence in Yemen

February 28, 2011

More groups are joining demonstrators across Yemen asking for the president Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down. In addition to young people now tribesmen and others are joining anti-government demonstrators in various cities in Yemen.

President Saleh has called for security forces to give full protection to demonstrators.

In Sana’a instead of Tahrir Square, which was the gathering place for the government supporters, the anti-government demonstrators have been gathering in front of Sana’a university.

On Friday the anti-government demonstration in front of the Sana’a university, one of the largest gatherings so far, was different from last Friday, in part due to large number of people.

In Aden, the situation was more tense and according to Aljazeera news five people were killed.

In an unconfirmed report several people have been arrested in Aden.

Government must be serious in protecting the protestors and ensure that those injured have access to medical treatment.