More Peaceful Protesters in World's Largest Democracy's Jails

February 14, 2012

In recent weeks, human rights and environmental activists have celebrated a court ruling rejecting a massive expansion of the Vedanta Mining Company’s hazardous alumina refinery and toxic red mud pond located in India’s eastern state of Orissa.

However, peaceful protesters continue to face police violence at the site, and 47 villagers have been jailed on false charges, signaling that the saga of Vedanta’s Lanjigarh refinery is not yet over.

Not far away, along Orissa’s coast, two more non-violent activists have been jailed on false charges for their opposition to the POSCO steel company’s $12b plant. Narayan Reddy and Abhay Sahoo have led protests against the forcible eviction of farmers from common lands. Take action now and demand they be freed.

India is the world’s biggest democracy, but the jailing of peaceful activists on false charges to silence dissent and to make life easier for multi-billion dollar corporations is shameful and undemocratic. Use you voice to support democracy and human rights in India.