Live Online Chat On Egypt Crisis

February 3, 2011

Update: Read a transcript of the chat

Violence on 2 February appeared to be orchestrated in part by the authorities © Nasser Nouri

Join us Friday, Feb 4th from 1:00-2:00 PM EST for a live online chat on Facebook with Amnesty International on the crisis in Egypt.

Geoffrey Mock, Egypt Country Specialist for Amnesty International USA, will be on hand to provide answers on the escalating situation that has brought the nation to a standstill. For over 17 years Geoffrey has worked with Amnesty to support human rights defenders, end unfair trials and torture in Egypt and defend Egypt’s civil society against harassment and legal attacks.

Protests in Egypt continue to rage on, centering around Tahrir (“Liberation”) Square in Cairo. Thousands of Egyptians are demonstrating against widespread corruption, police brutality and poverty in their country. Countless protesters have been killed and scores have been injured in the demonstrations, and journalists working in the country have been detained and threatened by the police for their coverage of the historic events.

To Join The Online Chat
To join the chat go to Facebook on Feb 4th from 1:00-2:00 PM EST and visit the Amnesty International USA Facebook page. Post your questions directly to our “Wall.”

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