Top 10 Fair Trade Gifts for the Holidays

November 26, 2012

Has it ever happened to you? Someone gives you a gift that has a beautiful, memorable story behind it. Maybe they found that special something while traveling or saw something at a flea market that just screamed your name.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift – and one that keeps on giving—we can help!

Amnesty has gifts that are fairly traded, supporting indigenous communities all over the world. Your gift also supports Amnesty and our life-saving work. And when you give a gift from our store, you’re raising awareness for human rights.

We source products from organizations like Mercado Global and Swahili Imports that work with local communities to produce beautiful, high quality and sustainable crafts to increase livelihoods of their artists. Your gift would is a celebration of your own family and friends, but also a contribution to families around the world!

Here’s our top ten favorites:

Recycled rice bag wallet1. Recycled Rice Bag Wallet –   $15.00 Crafted from recycled rice bags, each bright blue wallet is decorated with a unique print and outfitted with an easy-to-open snap clasp. The wallet is made by Artisans’ Association of Cambodia, a collective working with Cambodia’s most marginalized communities, including poor women and people disabled by landmines or polio.
Handmade fabric journal2. Handmade Fabric Journal –   $20.00 This Striped Fabric Journal is wrapped in organic cotton and colored using only natural dyes. The journals are handmade by artisans on the Thai-Burmese border.
Fabric sunflower cuff and earring3. Fabric Sunflower Cuff & Earring–   (Sold Separately: Cuff- $32 Earring- $22) This Sunflower Embroidered Cuff & Earring brings a twist to traditional Mayan embroidery. This cuff and earring creatively restyles traditional techniques to create textile jewelry that provides employment and income for women in the Yucatan. (Sold Separately)
"Hope is Power" cuff4. “Hope is Power” Cuff Staff Favorite!  $19.99 This light cuff is a reminder of why we fight for human rights. We hope it inspires you too!
The Flame that Can Never Be Extinguished5. The Flame that Can Never Be Extinguished– $25.00   Inspired by the emblem of Amnesty International’s light on human rights, this necklace is Made by Survivors of human trafficking and was designed to represents the human spirit freed from slavery and blazing with potential.
Felt Backpacks for Kids6. Felt Backpacks for Kids–   $20.00 These adorable felt backpacks are also Made by Survivors of human trafficking and is perfect for kids up to age 5.
Binh Minh Loop Scarf7. Binh Minh Loop Scarf–   $25.00 Binh Minh is Vietnamese for morning sun, and this collective in Northern Vietnam is run by 20 families, operating 25 looms and weaving up to 5,000 shawls and scarves a month. Binh Minh uses only local Vietnam raised silk in all of its hand spun yarns. The lightweight silk cotton blend is the perfect for wrapping yourself up in something soft and silky, but also thin and soft enough to bunch and wear around your neck. Heavier scarves also available here.
Amnesty Eco-Shopping Bag8. Amnesty Eco-Shopping Bag –   $17.95 Totally lightweight, colorful, and 100% naturally dyed, the eco-shopping bag can be used for any occasion and are machine washable. The fabric is hand block printed by a group of artisans that specializes in wood block printing in northwest India. Each bag is unique because the wood block prints vary in color and design.
Wooden Eyeglass Holder9. Wooden Eyeglass Holder–  $15.00 Never lose your glasses again! This product is made by HSSS, a non-profit organization that works for the uplifting and development of underprivileged artisans. It is composed mainly of male artisans, both Hindu and Muslim, who suffer educational, training and health related issues. (Sunglasses not included)
Vessel of Light Candle10. Vessel of Light Candle– Glass-$25.00, Tin-$15.00  The candle is a testimony to the light that we can shine on human rights. Each one is made by a woman refugee from Burma who is now resettled in Massachusetts. They’ve even signed each candle for you!

Don’t see something you like? Check out more handmade, fairly traded items in our online store. And shop like you’re on a mission, because you are!