The Right to a Facebook Status

February 18, 2011

Facebook status updates and tweets start revolutions and result in arrests. The updates below from my Facebook friends draw a picture of the ongoing and growing protests in the Middle East and North Africa.

From Iran:

Greens are organizing another protest in Iran: February 20th! power to the people of Iran!

From Egypt:

will demonstrate alone in Tahrir. I want my birthday every year! #Feb29

From Bahrain:

The world has turned upside down. Just got a text message from a friend in Gaza asking me if I’m safe.

About Iraq:

My Kurdish friends need to speak up: Kurds protest in Sulaimaniyah [Iraq], ten killed, nine wounded


Follow Libya too…

Updating one’s Facebook status with political information is a human right. Practice yours by sharing Amnesty International’s action to support human rights throughout the Middle East and North Africa.